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June 28, 2022

If you are starting your own business or organization the first step is to ensure that you have a the brand identity that is appealing as well as attractive and memorable.

A logo is an exclusive graphic symbol, sign or emblem designed to boost brand recognition . It is a crucial element in the branding of an organization, company or even a sporting team. This is because it is the way which potential buyers are the most likely to recall you and even contact them.

What is the reason I require a logo?

In response to the query, we can say without ambiguity that it’s closely related to the fact the logo of a business is an effective tool to attract customers as well as promoting the company’s products. It becomes the brand’s identity since people will remember your company whenever they see your logo on advertisements at the store or on merchandise, and elsewhere. In addition there are other reasons why a small company should have a great logo

  • The increase in sales is due to the general recognition
  • Building your customer base by recognition
  • Attracting new customers with an attractive logo that will make potential buyers take note of your product;
  • Plus many more.
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But, in order to accomplish this, you’ll need to select the best kind of logo. Let’s discuss them in the following paragraphs.

Logos in various forms


Abbreviated logos, also known as monograms are a primary kind of logos. You might recognize the logos of businesses like CNN, IBM, HP or HBO. These logos of business icons are among the finest instances of abbreviated logos. They’re used as the initials of names of companies Their primary function is to cut long names of companies into shorter ones (using only a couple of abbreviated characters). They are designed to create an identity to the brand.

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The type of logo used is often the best illustration of a basic logo because the principal component of the logo is simply an initial of your business. If the name of your company has too much length, this type of logo that has monograms is the first choice when you are deciding on the look of your brand name. Take the example of NASA the full title that is “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” is difficult to remember. The name will not stick in your mind, however NASA is much simpler to remember, which is why the abbreviation is attractive and intriguing.

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Additionally, they are very popular logos that do not have abbreviations. These logos are akin to letters, however their design is based on the name of the business – logos that are based on fonts. An excellent example of these logos can be Visa as well as Coca-Cola.

A designer who has enough experience in the design of logos would recommend to use such “lettering” logos in organizations that feature “screaming” or memorable unique names. One classic example of an alternative logo is the name of the company Google. If a developer employs a robust typography when creating logos with text, it helps the company establish a strong branding identity and distinct brand. In addition, the designer usually has a dilemma to design an image of the abbreviated type , or favor the traditional type. This is due to the fact that such variants clearly show up in the business world.

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A master brand designer must choose the right font when designing a logo during the process of carrying out its work, there is an importance of the name. A lot of developers prefer making a font that is custom for a particular brand and not use it for another. This helps convey its essence company and creates exclusivity, which is why the majority of hype labels use this kind of logo. Furthermore, such logos feature elegant fonts that represent the top quality of the products or services provided by the company.

Logo symbolically (graphic)

Graphic signs, symbolic logos or symbols are very popular for businesses of all kinds and are a common form of direction. One striking example of such emblems are the Apple brand, or the bird logo for the social network Twitter. Since these brands are well-known nowadays and widely acknowledged and recognized, their logos enjoy an important place in the different kinds of trademarks.

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But an image-based or symbolic logo isn’t suggested for companies that are new since they do not yet have the same recognition as a result, and such a design might not reflect your company as effectively. If you don’t have a combination of the text option and the possibility of creating the combo design in the future it could be difficult for people to comprehend from a single image who you are and what type of product you provide. But, selecting an appealing and memorable symbol will help you promote your business.


Abstract logos are an exclusive type of graphic symbol that utilizes images that are abstract as the basis. In general, when working on these kinds of projects it is applied The image isn’t the actual object as an image, but rather their abstract components such as shadows, silhouettesand typography etc. For example, a divided circle logo for Pepsi or the logo Adidasflower as well as other examples are excellent examples.

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One of the most appealing advantages of branding like this is that you are unable to direct reflect the direction of your business, however, it can convey that message symbolically by using abstractions and images. For instance, the brand Nike abstracts show flexibility and movement and the logo is extremely popular and captivating.

Combination logo

The logo with the combined variant represents an icon that blends various logo variations like abbreviation + text graphic + abbreviation the combination of text and graphic and various variations. The logos that are based on this technique use a variety of styles to form a cohesive logo, which is a stunning image that is made up of several elements. When using this method, consumers will frequently see a mixture of images and text. stunning examples of such kind of branding are those of the brands listed below: BurgerKing, Lacoste, Adidas and many others.

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As you can see, not just the logo plays a crucial part in establishing an image for your business and how you interpreted the appearance of this logo. A well-chosen appearance, colors, or text can boost your chance of getting noticed and make your business (brand) more recognizable possible.

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